Walking is better than running for weight loss

If you hate running, listen up. Personal trainer and a certified weight loss and behavioural change specialist Audra Taylor firmly believes that walking is far better for weight loss, if that’s your health goal. Here’s why… 

If your current health goal is to lose weight, you probably think that you need take up high impact, sweat busting forms of exercise – like running.

But you might be wrong.

While there’s certainly validity in adding cardio-centric workouts that burn large amounts of calories to your weekly fitness routine, there are also a host of mitigating factors to running that may actually hinder your weight loss efforts to consider. But walking on the other hand? Well, we’ve written many a love letter to the most accessible form of movement we know.

Things like stress, injury, appetite and hormones all play a part in how effectively you exercise, but also how likely you are to make it a consistent part of your every day routine.

And as well all know, thank you Ben Lucas, consistency is the key to seeing real change – no matter what your health goal might be.

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Audra Taylor, an American certified personal trainer and a certified weight loss and behavioural change specialist, firmly believes low impact exercise – like walking – is a far more powerful weight loss toll than taking up more strenuous or even vigorous types of exercise – like running.

Taylor posted to her Instagram the five reason why walking is better for weight loss than running, and we’re on board. We think Rebel Wilson would be, too.

Here’s a synopsis:

1. You’re less hungry after walking

“Walking doesn’t make you near as hungry as running does (unless your walking wayyy too much)

2. Walking’s easier on your body

“Walking is much easier, especially for those with a lot of excess weight to lose. Running, specifically when you’re doing too much, can be really rough on your bones, joints and muscles. If you’re injured, then you can’t do much.”

3. Walking keeps your cortisol in check

“Your cortisol will be much lower when walking. Walking won’t increase cortisol (stress), causing water retention and inflammation like running might. “

4. Walking is a part of your everyday life

“You can walk just about anywhere…. around the neighborhood, the park, the grocery store… These sorts of things would be a part of NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis: the calories burned just by moving around).

5. Walking won’t wreak havoc on your hormones

“Walking is very easy on your reproductive hormones. Running (especially long-distance, early morning, chronically) is a disaster for your reproductive hormones… [they can] shut down or become irregular, which can then cause issues with your metabolism, thyroid, etc”

6. Walking is fun!

“Walking is enjoyable! You can do it with friends, family, your pets… and do it long-term as you age.”

For her full post, see below:

Audra Taylor in an American certified personal trainer and a certified weight loss and behavioural change specialist. You can find her online here, or follow her on Instagram here.

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