This new gen spin class was a 360-degrees hurt locker

What would doing a spin class on a ‘responsive’ bike feel like? Alison Izzo found out. 

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I hadn’t stepped foot in a spin class for near on five years… so to say I was nervous about trying out an Infinite Cycle class is an understatement. The reason? This isn’t just any old cycle class on a stationery bike – these Infinite Cycle bikes move side to side. Twenty two degrees to either side, to be precise.

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So while your feet are still clipped in, peddling like a crazy person to keep up with the high energy instructor, and the even higher energy tunes, the bike sways – or in my case swerves – side to side as you push down with each pedal stroke.

I won’t lie, it’s a bit disconcerting at first, but once you realise you need to engage your core and brace with your arms the sideways motion becomes a more cohesive part of the overall body movement.

Infinite Cylce has done the research on their uniquely responsive bikes, and found that riders on average burn 20% more than riders on a regular stationery spin bike – and I believe them.

About 10 minutes my heart rate was peaking at the max at what I’d usually do on a 40 minute fast run, and I could definitely feel my abs, shoulders, back and arms being put to work, too.

The other big difference with an Infinite Cycle class is the stats and data. Which sounds boring, I know – but when your RPMs and total calorie burn are projected onto two giant screens either side of the instructor, it’s wildly motivating.

They also offer virtual rides (which I didn’t trial), in which your avatar is visible on the big screen, riding with your fellow riders’s avatars as they traverse picturesque outdoor trails and road races.

All in all I was impressed by how much fun it was, and how it made me remember how great a spin workout can be. The side to side movement really turned it into a full body workout, and the real time feedback from my bike’s stats were surprisingly motivating (and not shame-inducing at all, given. you don’t really know who your fellow riders are – so they don’t know you either).

The playlist was a banger-filled lineup of old school rock ‘n’ roll and my instructor Justin was genuinely inspiring without ever veering into cheesy band-camp territory – unlike the US-centric SoulCycle style of motivation.

All in all I left feeling like I got a great workout, found a new challenge and had a lot of fun in the process, all in just 45 minutes. I think I just might be back.


Come for the… A challenge if you’re a regular spinner and want a bit more. Or, if you want a low-impact workout but still want to get the heart racing for a solid calorie burn.

Leave with… A huge sense of accomplishment, and dripping in sweat.

Be sure to bring with you... A water bottle and towel, the bike, shoes and excellent tunes are provided

The little things: The data and stats shown on the big screens are highly motivating – you’ll be surprised as seeing your name up in lights, so to speak.

Perfect for: When you feel like you’ve got energy to burn, and want to get into the ‘zone’ quick.

Difficulty factor: 9/10. It was hard, but not undoable. You can also control. the level of burn by adjusting your load on your bike… so if you need to ease off you definitely can.

Where: 310-330 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW (but there are also studios in Armadale VIC, Canberra ACT, as well as Neutral Bay, Green Square and Balgowlah in NSW, too).

Cost: Casual classes are $27.50, memberships start from 240 for ten passes, or $49 per week for unlimited rides.

Contact: Infinite Cycle

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