This is the meal plan of Rugby 7’s star Charlotte Caslick

She eats up to seven times a day!

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Rugby 7’s star Charlotte Caslick needs to be at the top of her game when representing Australia at the Commonwealth Games this April. This meal plan, created by team dietitian Peta Cariage, makes sure she’s eating like a champion should. Although it’s best to have an individually tailored meal plan, this is a good guide for anyone leading a healthy, active lifestyle looking to shed a few kilos. It’s got lots of options and even lets you have a few pieces of chocolate to keep those sugar cravings at bay.

Training day Example One


5 weet bix + milk + berries + an extra piece of fruit


1 extra piece of fruit


1.5 x beef/chicken/turkey + salad sandwich (no cheese) or 1/3 plate carbs, 1/3 plate vegs, 1/3 plate protein or 2 large sushi rolls or 1.5 cups of pasta + protein/veg portion (2 cups) or 1.5 cups brown rice + leftover curry and veggies (2 cups)

Australian rugby sevens star Charlotte Caslick hits the beach for an intense off-season workout.

Post-Gym (within 30 mins)

2 scoops WPI (heavy)

Snacks if no training

150g yogurt + 10 nuts or 2 large protein balls


150g protein, 2 cups free veg/salad, ¾ – 1 cup cooked carbs (Sunday/Monday/Thursday)


Berries + yogurt if hungry

Or 2 protein balls

Training day Example Two


½ cup of oats + fruit or 2 eggs + 1 toast + ¼ avocado


Same options as Example One

Post Gym (within 30 mins)

If double session a handful of nuts or 2 protein balls before conditioning then protein post field.

Snacks if no training

Fruit smoothie + almond meal/oats


200g protein, 2-3 cups of veg/sald and ½ cup cooked carbs (Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday)


2 pieces chocolate

Recovery days


3 weetbix + milk

Or 2 eggs + 1 toast


Nil or small piece of fruit (apple)


1/2 cup cooked carbs or 1.5 slice bread or 1 barley wrap + 2 cups salad or veggies + 100d lean meat or tin salmon/tuna

Post Gym

Must have yogurt if haven’t already today or free veggies + salsa or 1/4 cup hommus

Snacks if no training

1 tub of yogurt + 10 nuts or piece of fruit


Same dinner as training days but with no dessert

Snacks: baked beans, boiled eggs, yogurt, raw nuts, roast chickpeas, tuna, salmon, popcorn

Avoid: butter, cheese, takeaways and boredom snacking


  • Get down to goal weight of 66kg from initial weight of 67kg
  • Less energy intake on recovery days
  • Have slightly less lunch focused on leftover and red meat + veggies type of dish
  • Make sure to have snacks so you can stick to dinner serves
  • Red meat at least 4 times a week

While you’re here check out our interview with Charlotte. PLUS, the Lorna Jane’s daily meal plan which is a breeze to stick to.

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