These are the best gyms based on your personality

And they come with sweet deals that’ll save you a heap of money. 

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Sometimes deciding on the right gym membership is as tough as finding the motivation to go. But now you can relax, because we’ve got the best offerings from the big hitters around the country.

Best for beginners: Fernwood Fitness

The deal: No joining fee (until February 28)

You save: Up to $199

Weekly cost: From $22

Why sign up? Gymtimidation is non-existent at Fernwood.

Designed for women only, it provides a judgement-free space for you to work on any fitness goals and build your confidence. As well as a selection of group classes and personalised programs, every new member gets a copy of the 28 Day Breakthru program, which teaches you about weight loss, nutrition and how to create a positive mindset. With dedicated team members ready to help you perfect your technique and get to know all of the equipment, Fernwood is ideal for fitness newbies or those wanting to get back into it again.

Where: Nationwide and online at

Best for busy types: Anytime Fitness

The deal: No joining fee on February 21, as part of a 24-hour sale

You save: $99

Weekly cost: From $14.99

Why sign up? With more than 470 clubs across Australia (plus some overseas), Anytime Fitness is the largest gym chain in the country. It has 24-hour access and an app with more than 1000 workouts, so you can work out whenever and wherever you like. This April sees the launch of its virtual PT platform, Anytime Coaching, which lets you connect to your trainer at any time.

Where: Nationwide; visit

Best for sweating in style: Virgin Active

The deal: No joining fee

You save: Up to $135 on a flexible membership

Weekly cost: From $33.95

Why sign up? If you’re a fan of saunas, aqua fitness, boxing and strength training (or you want to give them all a try), you’ll feel right at home here. With more than 100 group exercise classes (from aerial yoga to rock climbing) as well as the latest gym equipment, you’ll never feel bored. If you need help finding your fitness poison or reaching your goals, schedule a free catch-up session with a personal trainer. If you’re after something a little luxe, keep an eye out for the big opening of Virgin Active in Barangaroo, Sydney. We’re talking your own pair of cycling shoes on arrival.

Where: NSW and Vic; visit

Best for testing your limits: Orangetheory Fitness

The deal: Free trial class

You save: $35

Weekly cost: $55

Why sign up? Using the power of ‘excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’ (aka, EPOC, during which your body continues to use energy after periods of intense exercise), a one-hour interval-based Orangetheory class could torch more than 4000kJ over a 36-hour window.

One session will have you going hard on the treadmill, rower and suspension bands in an effort to max your heart rate and unlock the fat-burning. A trainer will be there to guide you throughout.

Where: NSW, Qld, SA and ACT; visit

Best for group training: Fitness First

The deal: Three-day trial pass; plus a free Apple Watch Series 3 for new two-year memberships

You save: $81 on the trial (plus the Apple Watch is worth $459)

Weekly cost: From $22

Why sign up? Classes cover everything from mixed martial arts to HIIT, gymnastics and strength training. Or you can sign up for a six-week coaching program, in which you and seven other members will work towards becoming your fittest yet. There’s also a freestyle area and various weight options, plus 24/7 access.

Where: ACT, NSW, Qld and Vic; visit

Best for one-on-one: Vision PT

The deal: Four free PT sessions (offer until March 31) on a sixor 12-month membership

You save: $240

Weekly cost: From $120

Why sign up? These are more like personal training studios.

Your trainer creates a plan to suit your goals, time-frame and body shape, with at least two one-on-one sessions a week. You get a tailored meal plan, and they’ll even take you shopping to help you avoid supermarket traps. And if you follow the program and don’t hit your goals, you get your money back and free sessions until you do.

Where: NSW, Vic and Qld; visit

Here are some of the best gyms for females in Australia. If you want to get as fit as Australia’s Ninja Warriors, you have to check out these gyms.

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